Monday, 6 May 2013


Exams are looming, so what do I do? Yes, revise that's right.. Actually, no, lets go to London!

Me and the girls - such posers but love all these pics.
We went to see Beyonce in the 02, she was INCREDIBLE, such a performer.

Photos - Canon 1000D

Sun. Sea & ...Job hunting.

As we all know, travelling costs a bomb, even if I head off by myself with a backpack intending on staying in hostels! SO first things first.. Get a job!!
I've been for 3 interviews and so far, not heard back from ANYONE. So in the mean time, procrastination is my No.1 hobby!

The beach in this weather is by far, my fave place to be! Though, dont underestimate the sun guys!

May 5th, and burnt. Not cool.
Photo: Canon 1000d

If this is what i'm like in May in England, I am not gonna look good by the end of my travels!!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Life's too short for Uni

Okay, so this blog was made originally to 'follow my gap year travels', as this is what my plan was; to go travelling. However, some crazy thing in my mind decided that actually, going to university and spending £27,000 on unnecessary, and BORING work was a good idea.... I don't think so!
So, after a year at Cardiff Uni, I've decided to take a year out, potentially coming back after a year, but most probably, joining the Royal Navy.. But i'll play it by ear and see how it goes.

I suppose this place isn't too bad in the sun! - Be sure to check me out on Instagram!!