Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Flat day fun

Tagazhout is still flat, the only place that works is Tamri, a beach break 40 mins away from us. However, we, and all the other surf schools within a 20 mile radius, have been there all day everyday for the last 3 weeks... So despite it being a beach with sun, +20Âșc and surf, we have all come to the conclusion that we hate the place... 
This morning, instead of stopping at Tamri we just carried on driving. We ended up road tripping up North until we came across Imsouane - a small town with a good beach break. There were still no waves but anything beats Tamri and, as we discovered, Imsouane is a really amazing place! 

Will found his secret talent

We all became 3 year olds again as soon as we found these rock pools!

Morocco has this really cool system were you can buy/catch your own fish and take it to the restaurants and they'll cook it for you. So for lunch, our surf guide Hassan got some freshly caught fish from the market and we took it to a small beach side cafe; aside from all the Moroccan belly it caused it was a great lunch!

Will @ Imsouane beach
Pictures: Canon 1000D 

We attempted to surf some of the small waves and had some fun on our foamies... Will shredded as per usual despite the swell being about 1ft.

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