Friday, 11 October 2013


On Friday afternoons we teach English to the kids up at the local school in Tagazhout. The plan therefore is to get up early, get a dawn session in then come back to Tagazhout for the afternoon... 
Everything ran smoothly - 6:50 start, up, packed and out of the door by seven. However, slight hitch, no van or driver. We waited a few minutes; Moroccan time is 10 minutes late for everything. 7:30, still nothing, we could've stayed in bed! Eventually, 2 hours later our driver rocked up ...apparently dawnys dont exist in Morocco.

Lucy, Alice and Me
Devil's Rock, Tamracht
Canon 1000D // ISO 200 F5.6

Since we got here, only Tamri (a North facing beach 40 minutes away) has been working, though the last couple days we have been getting some swell coming in around Tagazhout, meaning we can go explore the beaches round here! So far we've only been to a few - Panoramas, Crocro and this morning Devil's rock, all three are beach breaks within 10 minutes drive of Tagazhout. It was nice, small peeling waves which are perfect waves for all of us to practice our technique on!

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